Everything about your Bug-Out Spot

9 06 2010

Okay, so you have all your stuff ready to go when you gotta go. Now it’s time to find out where you want to go. In the short term, you need a good place to hunker down for a few days until the shit dies down. That is what this article is about.

Finding a good spot

Anywhere hidden is obviously a good spot, but you also need to take into consideration is for how far are you hidden? Look for a spot with things like walls, thick trees or a large rock that will further cover you up. You can also make your own walls with dirt if you so please, but that takes a while.

Shelter construction

What you’ll need:

  • Tarp (I’m using 10′ x 12′)
  • Rope
  • Log (In my case, 13′)


  1. Find yourself a spot with two trees just far enough apart that you can fit the shorter edge of your tarp in between them.
  2. Tie your rope all the way around both trees, leaving you with two spans between the trees. Make sure to weave the rope through the grommets in the short edge of your tarp.
  3. Stretch your tarp out over the rope so that it makes a flat end to the roof of your shelter. Touch the other end of the tarp to the ground.
  4. Place a log over that end of the tarp to hold it down. Dig a trench underneath the tarp where the log will go, then add rocks on top of it for more stability.

When you’re done, it should look something like this.




The Bug-Out Bag (BOB) Thread

7 06 2010

Quick – The shit just hit the fan, and you need to GTFO. What to grab? There’s no time to grab everything and put it in a pack, that’ll take an hour. Guess you got nothing and you’re gonna die. This is where a bug-out bag comes in handy! When the SHTF, be ready to grab’n’go!


The first thing you need to do (before training yourself to survive in harsh situations) is get a bug out bag ready. What’s a bug out bag? It’s the only thing besides your guns that you’re going to grab when shit hits the fan. It’s going to have everything you need to survive for three or four days in your local climate. Food, water, shelter, navigation tools, fire tools, camping tools, toiletries, and something to keep you sane. All of that and more should be in there, which means you’re gonna need a big bag.

The ironic part is: I have a medical condition with my spine that creates intense, constant chronic lower / middle back pain. If you’re using a 50+L pack, or are in the same type of situation I am in, you NEED a pack with waist support straps to hold the weight. Also, look for one with tons of pockets, some or all of them waterproof. Lastly, a couple of waterproof bevy sacs will help greatly.


** Please note that ALL numbers in bold and red beside an item (1-6) are the label for the pocket it goes in, NOT quantity! **


  • 96 hours worth  (MRE’s) 1
  • Non perishable (Canned soups) 1
  • Protein / Granola bars (HEMP SEED BARS!!!) 1
  • Crackers / Cereal / Oatmeal  1
  • Canned meats / soups 1
  • Camping stove & pot 1
  • Vitamins & Minerals (Centrum) 3
  • Various types of seeds 1


  • 4 gallons 1
  • Water purification tablets 3

Shelter / Clothing:

  • One or two person tent 1
  • Tarp, preferably camo (If not, spray paint it) 1
  • Camouflage net 1
  • Extra underwear 1
  • LOTS of socks 1
  • Jumpsuits 1
  • BDU’s (for camouflaged clothing) 1
  • Emergency blanket 1
  • Rain Ponchos 1
  • Sleeping bag 1
  • Sleeping pad 1 **(Or use garbage bags, foliage and tape to make a sleeping pad)

Fuel, fire, light:

  • Small canister of gasoline 1
  • Other fuels like butane and kerosine 1
  • MSR stove fuel 1
  • Waterproof, strike anywhere matches 3
  • Lighters 3
  • Flares 2
  • Candles 1/2
  • Flashlights, lamps 1/2
  • TONS of spare batteries 1/2

Equipment / Tools:

  • Swiss Army Knife / Multitool 3
  • Food bowl 2
  • Eating utensils 2
  • Shovel 2
  • AM/FM Radio 2
  • 1 or 2 GSRP Radios 2
  • Pens / Pencils & Paper / Notepads 2/3
  • Saw 2
  • Axe 2
  • Rope 2
  • Duct Tape 2
  • Camo Tape 2
  • Camo Face Paint 2
  • Emergency Survival Kit (Adventure Medical Kits) 5
    • Compass
    • Whistle
    • Firestarter & Tinder
    • Signal Mirror
    • Scalpel Blade
    • Fishing Kit
    • Duct Tape
    • Aluminum Foil
    • Nylon Cord
    • Safety Pins
    • Pencil & Paper
    • Magnifier Sheet
    • Wire
    • Nylon Thread & Needle
  • First Aid Kit (Adventure Medical Kits) 1
  • Machete 2
  • Smoke Bombs (from paintball supply stores, distractionary / evasion purposes) 4
  • Cleaning supplies, like soap and shampoo hotel size bottles. 2
  • Toilet paper (Remove cardboard inner tube and flatten, put in ZipLoc bag) 2
  • Hair brush 2
  • Garbage bags 2
  • TONS of Zip Loc bags 2


  • Gun License & Registration papers 6/3
  • Pistol, on you at all times (I chose a Glock)
  • Rifle, in BOB (I chose an AR-15, a Ruger rifle is good as well) 1
  • Extra ammunition for both, preferably 150-300 rounds each 1/2
  • Extra loaded magazines for both 4
  • Combat knife, on you at all times
  • Pepper Spray 4

Personal Documents / Money:

  • Passport 6/3
  • Birth Certificate 6/3
  • Driver’s License 6/3
  • Health Card 6/3
  • Social Insurance Number 6/3
  • Credit Cards 6/3
  • Cash 6/3
  • Real Silver / Gold (for bartering) 6/3
  • Vaccination Papers 6/3

^^ Keep all of these in a waterproof container or Zip Loc bag! ^^


You’re going to want to make sure that you can actually reach the contents of your BOB when you actually need them. Put the equipment you’d use in a low-risk environment deep into the pack, while leaving high-risk environment type equipment at the top. There’s so many pockets on a pack, where does everything go?

Nearly every pack has a large main compartment (1), a medium sized front compartment (2) with some small pockets on front of that (3), pockets on either side of the pack (4)(5), and one at the top (6). Each will be labeled as follows:

  1. Survival
  2. Large Tools & Equipment
  3. Small Tools & Equipment
  4. Weapons / Defense
  5. Emergency Survival Kit
  6. Papers & Information

To find out which contents should go where, refer to the numbers beside each item listed above.


In essence, this pack has got to allow you to survive for 3 days in the wilderness, pertaining to your local climate. A bug out vehicle is a great idea, loaded with more long-term type supplies, additional food and water reserves, and additional shelter. Either way, when SHTF (shit hits the fan), having this stuff ready to grab’n’go can easily save your life and your family’s lives. You should make it your first duty to have a bug out bag / vehicle ready BEFORE training, as there might not be enough time for training.

An eye-opener, to start..

7 06 2010

Imagine this..

As you wake up one morning in mid-summer 2012, you sit down at the kitchen table with a fresh coffee and the day’s newspaper. The front page story is about the national wide scale rioting and looting caused by the collapse of the country’s economy. Lucky for you, you put the bars on the windows and doors before the rioting began. The article shows a graph of the decline of our dollar’s value since its creation, stating the current value is only 0.183% of what it was made out to be. An FM radio on the table is spewing out the days headlines and announcements, when the Emergency Broadcast tone comes on.

“Good morning, America. This is your President, Barack Obama with an emergency announcement. The wide scale riots occurring across the nation are a large threat to public safety, and what little is left of our economy. They have forced me to enact martial law to deal with the crisis. Please wait in your homes for officials to arrive and deliver further instruction. Thank you for your understanding.”

You then go and wake up your roommate and tell him the news. When he heard what’s happening, he didn’t think much of it like yourself. “It’s obviously for our own safety,” he says.


“This is the Police! You are being evacuated to a safer place! Bring all identification with you!”

When you run to take a quick peek out the window to see who it is, four officers are at the door. Once you open the door, they grab you and say “it isn’t safe here, we need to evacuate you now. Stay on the road, and follow the rest of the citizens to the extraction point.” You walk into the line of people walking down the street, until you reach a large parking lot filled with armoured busses, helicopters and LOTS of guards. They separate everyone onto two groups: Women & Children, and Men. Then, it’s into the busses you go.

After about an hour of driving, you arrive at what looks like an abandoned warehouse turned into a prison. All the windows are boarded up and barred, and there are three levels of fencing around the property, with barbed wire tops facing inward. You find it quite odd that they would face in, as if they think we’ll try and escape them giving us safety. There are guard towers around the entire perimeter of the building. They herd everybody like cattle into these fenced in areas, and make you line up single file to enter an interview and exam room. Once you get in, they take your ID and get all of your information, and give you a medical exam. After that, you are given a number, and a painful but quick branding of that number on your hand. Once you’re all done, you head back out to the enclosed pen. There’s about 1 000 000 people at this facility, so you can imagine it takes a long time for them to do this with everybody.

After about 16 hours and a nice long nap, you’re awoken by the loudspeakers. “All civilians proceed to the processing area. Non-compliants will be arrested and detained.” Everybody lines up and shuffles through a fenced off pathway and up to a processing gate, where they check your number and tell you to go through one of three turnstiles labeled “Green Zone,” “Blue Zone,” and “Red Zone.” It seems Green and Blue run off to more outdoor fenced off pens, but Red leads into the building through some sets of black curtains. Your roommate approaches one of the guards. He reads his number, checks a PDF and says “Green.” He then proceeds through the Green turnstile and back into a pen, just like the last one only smaller, and there is a food and water venue there too. Now it’s your turn. After looking at your number and checking his list, the guard says, “Red.” Two guards then walk up and grab you, throw you up against a fence and handcuff you before being escorted through the Red turnstiles and into the building. “Hey, what the fuck?! This isn’t right, let me go,” you say. “Shut up or I’ll blast your brains all over everybody,” shouts the guard.

After a few hours, this empty warehouse has filled up with almost as many people as were in the first pen. Of course, that does NOT include your friend you came here with. Then all of a sudden, you start to smell something weird. Then after looking around for a second you realize everybody else smells something weird too. That’s when your throat starts to close up, and you realized “Holy fuck, they’re killing us off.”

– – –

This is the very situation that this blog is trying to help prevent you from being in. The financial leaders of the world all have this crazy religious pagan vision of a perfect world, consisting of only 500 000 000 people (a 92% decrease). The way they’re going to do it? Get Martial Law enacted (as per recent executive orders, the President can enact Martial Law for a financial or economic crisis) and kill them off. How do you do that? Collapse the economy, of course! They control all the money, they have more than enough resources to do so. With the information in this blog, you can learn to have everything ready to go when you need to, and to escape before the police “evacuate you.”

Happy Reading!